You’ve had a great year in business.  You’ve been part of a team that has consistently produced solid results and the feeling of success has buoyed everyone from the CEO to the intern.  You feel it, you know it and you’re glad to be part of such a great organisation.

But who gets to be rewarded? Sure, there are incentive and reward schemes set up in the business but it always seems only a portion of staff truly get to celebrate the success. They are rewarded with domestic or international travel where the camaraderie amongst the group, the chosen ones, only strengthens. Throughout the working year, you are painfully reminded of the great time they all had without you.

You are given a gift voucher to spend on an item of your choice. Sure, that’s great and you appreciate the gesture but how do you get to that next level?  You want to be someone who gets on the plane with everyone else.  Well, that all depends on how your organisation’s incentive and reward scheme is set up. It must be fair across the board so that not only the Senior Management or the Sales Team are targeted for rewards by the very nature of their role, but the whole group is offered the same opportunities.

Put simply, each role is valued within an organisation so the incentive and rewards scheme should reflect that.  The answer? A simple exercise of submitting answers to questions about your role tends to even-out the playing field.  What have you contributed, instigated and championed in your role in the last 12 months? What have you done that would be considered over and above your role to contribute to the success of the business? Why should you take part in an incentive trip?

I’ve seen it work, I’ve been part of it and I am an advocate for it.  It might be time to suggest a change to your organisation.  You may just be rewarded. 

* Ange Esdaile has been part of the tourism and event industry for over 30 years. She has organised incentive travel for some of the world’s largest organisations. In her management roles, she has created and implemented reward schemes across the business. She now offers a product that is utilised by companies to reward their staff.